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Military Fuel Bladder Tank Containment

All-Terrain Berms™ and pillow tanks are designed to safely store fuel in remote areas. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak. Basic Concepts’ spill berms and pillow tanks provide users with safe containment solutions while meeting regulations.

Fuel bladder tanks are a fuel storage option that provides mobility and adaptability where the infrastructure for more traditional fuel storage methods may be lacking. A fuel bladder is a soft, pillow-like storage container that can house fuel and other liquids in a variety of contexts.

What is a Fuel Bladder Tank Containment Unit?

Fuel bladder tank containment is a precautionary measure that is necessary in case something compromises the fuel bladder tank like a puncture or tear. Even though fuel bladder tanks can be preferable given their increased mobility, they are still susceptible to spillage.

Why is a Containment Unit Necessary?

To mitigate the impacts of fuel bladder tank leaks or spills, fuel bladder tanks should be stored in containment units, such as berms, that can retain any potentially harmful liquids or chemicals. These containment units come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and a range of functionality.

Environmental Regulations

Additionally, fuel tank containment is necessary because of EPA rules and regulations. The EPA classifies petroleum as oil so any entity that will be storing quantities of fuel exceeding 1,320 gallons has to follow the EPA’s regulations regarding fuel containment. One of the components of fuel storage is housing storage units in secondary containment units—such as berms—to prevent spills from polluting navigable waterways as defined by the Clean Water Act.

Once a substance like oil or fuel is spilled, it poses a threat to waterways, soil, marine habitats, etc. To comply with EPA regulations, organizations must develop SPCC Plans that outline counter measures taken to guard against the widespread environmental impact of the substances being stored. One of those countermeasures involves secondary containment for fuel and other substances which is a further reason that fuel containment units are necessary.

Options for Fuel Bladder Tanks and Containment

Basic Concepts offers a range of products for fuel storage and containment. Finding the right fuel bladder or containment unit involves identifying functions that a fuel bladder or containment unit will serve. Below are some of the product options from Basic Concepts. Each option includes a description of the product and product design features to help users select the fuel bladder or fuel bladder containment unit that is right for them.

Military All-Terrain Berm

The all-terrain berm is designed to contain fuel bladders and bags of all sizes. A major advantage of the all-terrain berm is that it is highly mobile. It can be field deployed by five people in under an hour on rough terrain. The all-terrain berm features individual A-Frames that enable the unit to adapt to the contour of the ground so it retains its functionality regardless of the topography.

Because the all-terrain berm is manufactured to be deployed in the field, no heavy tools or equipment are required to set it up. Its 3-foot walls and optional WaveGuard™ for splash prevention make this military-grade berm the ideal containment solution. The all-terrain berm can be used to store water, fuel, metal storage tanks, waste, and many other products in harsh terrain and rugged environments.

Modular Channel MilBerm™

The modular channel MilBerm™ is an interconnected system that was designed in consultation with the military. The MilBerm™ provides portable, liquid-tight containment for hoses and pipes in mobile contexts with rough terrain.

This system is ideal when operators have a series of fuel bladders and containment units that are interconnected by hoses and pipes. The modular channel MilBerm™ secures these hoses and pipes with its flexible modular design that enables users to form virtually any configuration. The MilBerm™ features a standard 4-foot width with custom sizes available and a folding brace system for reliable containment and quick set up.

Military Pillow Tanks and Flexible Storage Bladders

Military pillow tanks are soft flexible storage tanks for fuel, water, and other substances. They are used for storing liquids on a temporary basis, as well as long-term storage, and they provide a solution for emergency water storage. The advantage of a pillow tank, as opposed to fixed storage units, is that pillow tanks are flexible, foldable, and easy to store when not in use.

The military-grade Pillow Tank is manufactured with high-quality, first-grade coated materials, and is completely air tested before leaving our facilities to ensure quality meets or exceeds military standards. These flexible storage bladders can be custom designed to fit drains and fills wherever they are needed.

Common applications for the Military Pillow Bladder include plant shutdown maintenance, emergency water storage, construction site support, military operations blivets, oil spill recovery operations, bulk liquid transport, support of disaster relief efforts, storage of bilge liquid waste, potable/grey water storage and chemicals or fuel storage.