Decon MilBerm™


Military Decon MilBerm™ is a single berm that handles multiple operations simultaneously.

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  • Interior walls form multiple zones for different solutions
  • 2, 3, or 4 washdown zones
  • Inside or outside brace support design deploys in seconds
  • Perfect for decon showers and washdown applications
  • Optional grating elevates personnel above the fluid
Multiple interior walls, each with inside brace support system, enable you to accommodate up to four separate solutions at the same time. The optional decon grating elevates personnel above the fluid.

Full Description

For emergency decontamination events, multi-stage military Decon MilBerm with patented interior walls create washdown zones that safely capture and contain contaminated solutions. Select from two-, three-, or four-zone models. Watertight, lightweight PVC coated fabric provides wide range of chemical resistance. The 8-inch (203-mm) walls allow for easy entry and exit of the compartments. Includes one 3⁄4-inch GHT drain fitting per zone. Order optional grates to keep personnel above liquid.

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