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Site Supervision Services

For Substation Secondary Containment Liners and Barrier Boom, BCI offers a service to assist in the proper installation of the containment system. For a small charge, a trained BCI supervisor will come to the substation site to advise the customer’s contractor during the installation of the liner system. This ensures the assembly and finish of the liner system per BCI install specifications required to meet the pollution insurance policy. The site supervisor’s final report of the installation provides the required photographs and documentation to receive the $7MM Pollution and Product Liability insurance policy available on BCI substation containments.

Some of the benefits of hiring a BCI Site Supervisor for your installation:

  • Basic training for the customer’s contractor performing the installation to familiarize the contractor with BCI liner systems and proper installation procedures.
  • Review of site conditions before installation to determine if site is ready for liner to be installed.
  • Assistance in proper layout and orientation of the liner system
  • Assistance in proper positioning of the BCI Barrier Boom windows.
  • Demonstration and assistance in proper liner seaming techniques.
  • Demonstration and assistance in proper booting and sealing around liner penetrations.
  • Surety that the liner is assembled correctly to provide proper secondary containment.
  • Assurance that no improper installation methods or materials are used.
  • Assurance that no short cuts are taken during installation.
  • Photographs of in-process and finished containment.
  • Documentation required to apply for the BCI $7MM Pollution and Product Liability Insurance Policy.