According to the Department of Transportation (USDT), the United States has the largest network of fuel pipelines in the world. Many facilities utilize pipelines to transport oil, oil-related products or other substances. Over time, these pipelines can become damaged due to prolonged use, corrosion or weathering. To protect your facility from leaks and spills, it is essential to ensure that pipelines are properly repaired and maintained.

Basic Concepts is the industry leader in secondary containment and spill maintenance solutions. For pipelines repair or maintenance, spray coating solutions from Basic Concepts will help to repair cracked or damaged pipelines and prevent harmful substances from escaping into the environment.

To help you find the spray coating option that is best suited to your facility, here is an overview of the regulatory requirements for pipeline maintenance and the spray coating solutions that can help with pipeline repair and maintenance.

Regulatory requirements for Pipeline Maintenance

Secondary containment requirements are intended to prevent leaked contaminants from having a deleterious impact on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that containment systems—including pipelines or other systems used to transport oil or oil-related products—be regularly inspected to ensure they are not leaking hazardous liquids into navigable waterways.

Repair Damaged Pipelines with Spray Coatings

Whether your facility uses pipelines to transport oil, oil-related products or other substances, all pipelines are subject to wear and tear over time. To avoid regulatory noncompliance, it is important to regularly inspect these containment systems to ensure proper functionality.

Spray coatings can help repair damaged areas and prevent contaminants from leaking into the environment. Here is a look at the spray coating solutions from Basic Concepts that can help your facility achieve regulatory compliance.

SC-3900. The SC-3900 spray coating system from Basic Concepts is an industrial-strength coating that complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and is designed to meet environmental regulations nationwide. The SC-3900 spray coating system can be used to repair cracked or damaged pipelines and offers a 20-plus year life expectancy for repairs.

Another advantage of the SC-3900 spray coating is that it can be easily applied in hard-to-reach areas. This feature will help to reduce expenses related to structural maintenance. By simply spraying hairline fractures on a pipeline, SC-3900 will provide long-lasting leak protection. This spray coating system can also be used to bridge large gaps in a pipeline, stop active leaks, stop deterioration, and prevent freeze thaw.

The SC-3900 spray coating system offers superior elongation and high-strength bonding and is ideal for a variety of industrial repairs. SC-3900 can help to ensure that your facility’s infrastructure is protected from leaks and damaged equipment. Additionally, the SC-3900 spray coating will enable your facility to meet regulatory requirements for the storage or transportation of oil or oil-related products.

Find the Pipeline Maintenance Solution that is Right for You

Basic Concepts is the industry leader in industrial secondary containment and spill containment solutions. We supply military, commercial and public facilities all over the world with the containment solutions they need to protect personnel and achieve regulatory compliance.

Pipeline maintenance and spray-coating solutions from Basic Concepts will enable you to repair cracked or damaged pipelines. These innovative repair products are long lasting and will protect your facility from regulatory noncompliance. Take a look at our selection of spray coating solutions and find the pipeline repair option that is best suited to your facility. 

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