Hazmat/First Responder Solutions

First choice in hazmat decontamination equipment. BCI decon spill berms provide wash-down solutions when needed. Safely contain hazardous coatings by wasing PPE while standing inside a SPCC compliant spill berm to prevent environmental contamination.

Since various chemical threats early in the century and terrorism scares that frequently make the news, the need to be prepared for hazardous material decontamination is ever present. Basic Concepts manufactures and provides products to assist military men and women as well as those in industry to handle their jobs safely.

Basic Concepts’ Sentry MilBerm™ often is used as decon wash down berm. This light weight unit can be deployed in seconds by one person at any emergency site. The 8 inch wall design allows the emergency responder easy access for entry and exiting of each compartment of the response berms, and step clearance reducing the likelihood of trip hazards especially when in bulky hazmat suits with limited visibility.

Plastic grates can be utilized inside each compartment to keep the responder out of harmful contaminants as they are being washed down and a decon shower curtain can be added to make a complete decontamination solution.

When minutes count, you don’t want to waste precious time assembling containment. Decon Berms are multi-chambered wash down units. Each chamber can be used for different wash down solutions. The Decon Berm is compatible with hazmat decon showers.

Decon applications

  • Personnel and equipment for nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological events
  • Fire departments with hazmat teams and CST teams
  • The WMD Civil Support Teams
  • National Guard teams assist state governors in preparing for and responding to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear (CBRN)


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Basic Concepts has the ability to customize our products for many of your specific applications. Whatever your requirements, our custom solution will be durable enough for the most stringent spill control requirements. We are committed to providing the best solution for your needs. We will be happy to customize this or any other spill berm to satisfy any of your size requirements and applications.

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