Generator Containment

Generators provide necessary power for equipment and are commonly known to leak or spill oil and fuel liquids. Fuel and oil spills can cause ground water to be contaminated resulting in heavy fines – Basic Concepts generator berms help protect against spills and leaks.

During a generator leak, spill berms provide necessary spill containment processes helping comply with SPCC and EPA regulations. The MilBerm™ by Basic Concepts helps contain hazardous materials and is compatible with all hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals. MilBerms are available in custom sizes to meet specific spill containment needs.

The MilBerm’s durable design offers drive-through spill berm use with reinforced corners. The unit deploys quickly with no assembly required and has a single piece construction for quick setup.

Designed specifically to meet or exceed EPA state and federal regulations for secondary spill containment. This includes the SPCC requirements for spill containment found in 40 CFR part 112 found in the Clean Water Act.

MilBerms are available in custom sizes for specific generator spill containment needs.

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Basic Concepts has the ability to customize our products for many of your specific applications. Whatever your requirements, our custom solution will be durable enough for the most stringent spill control requirements. We are committed to providing the best solution for your needs. We will be happy to customize this or any other spill berm to satisfy any of your size requirements and applications.

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