Fuel / Water Bladder Containment

All-Terrain Berms™ and pillow tanks are designed to safely store fuel and water in remote areas. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak. Basic Concepts’ spill berms and pillow tanks provide users with safe containment solutions while meeting regulations.

All-Terrain Berms ™ help contain fuel bags and bladders, metal storage tanks, transformers and many other pieces of equipment. These berms are designed to contain fuel bags and bladders of all sizes. The individual A-frames enable the berm to adapt to the contour of the ground, enabling placement of the unit virtually anywhere.

Pillow Tank Solutions

Pillow tanks are designed to store fuel or water for emergency situations. These units provide a solution for emergency water or fuel storage to be safely stored until use. Pillow tanks are constructed from high quality, first-grade coated fabric materials. All Basic Concepts’ bladders are air tested before they leave the manufacturing facility and meet or exceed military standards.

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