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Fuel Truck Containment

Fuel trucks can pose environmental threats when refueling or providing fuel to site locations. Both can cause safety hazards in the event of a spill or leak. Basic Concepts’ spill berms provide users with permanent fuel truck containment solutions while transferring fuel.

The Rigid Containment System™ (RCS) is constructed with heavy-gauge, leak-proof steel for heavy-duty equipment including fuel trucks, HEMTT trucks and oil barrels. Rigid containment systems are designed to provide superior spill protection for vehicles when parked inside the RCS. Ramps allow vehicles to enter and exit the berm with ease. No assembly is required; simply position and drive equipment over it. The RCS includes a fuel-compatible protective coating which resists corrosion and will not delaminate form the steel plate.

Fuel Truck Containment Solutions

The Fail-Safe® MilBerm™ offers heavy-duty construction for long-term spill containment situations. These containment berms are portable and offer durable construction.

The MilBerm™ Lite is perfect for emergency spills or preventing leaks when fueling trucks or other containers. Designed specifically for emergency spill response, the light weight berm can be thrown in work vehicles or carried by hand on the job site.

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