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Drum Spill Containment Platforms vs. Berms

Drum spill containment platforms and containment berms are both spill containment solutions that can be used to prevent leaks and spills from escaping into general work areas or navigable waterways. Deciding which spill containment product is right for your facility depends on several factors. Even though Drum platforms and berms are both designed to offer spill containment, they differ in terms of their overall design features, intended applications, and versatility.

Basic Concepts is the industry leader in secondary containment and spill control products. Our spill containment solutions are used in a variety of industrial, military, and commercial facilities all over the world. To help you decide whether a drum containment platform or a containment berm is right for your operation, here is an overview of the use cases of the two products, as well as a look at the spill containment solutions available from Basic Concepts.

Drum Spill Containment Platforms

A drum spill containment platform from Basic Concepts, Inc., with four blue and two black drums.

Drum spill containment platforms are often used in industrial or commercial operations to retain leaks and spills that occur during the transportation, handling, or storage of plastic or steel drums. These platforms typically feature a metal or plastic grate that is placed over a plastic basin. The grate is designed to serve as a platform for drums while allowing leaks and spills to pass through to the basin below.

While drum containment platforms are useful for storing drums in some working conditions, they are not as flexible or easy to store as other spill containment options. Because spill platforms don’t typically have siding, they are also not designed to prevent drums or other items from rolling or sliding off the platform.

Spill Containment Berms

Spill containment berms are flexible and versatile containment solutions. When not in use, berms easily fold down into a compact size that is easier to transport and store than other spill containment products. Berms are also designed with durable sidings that will retain liquids even if drums or other storage containers are knocked over. Here is a look at some of the containment berms from Basic Concepts that are intended for reliable drum storage.

A Rigid Lock Quickberm spill containment berm with eight blue drums sitting on it. Rigid-Lock QuickBerm. The Rigid-Lock QuickBerm is one of the most reliable berms available on the market. This berm features a single-piece construction that will minimize rips and tears, and the interior area of the berm is free of obstructions or braces. The drive-over design allows vehicles and forklifts to load and unload equipment easily without damaging the berm.

When not in use, the Rigid-Lock QuickBerm folds down into a compact size for convenient storage, and some models feature carrying handles for easier transportation. The Rigid-Lock berms are suitable for storing all hydrocarbons as well as a wide range of chemicals.

Outside Support QuickBerm. The Outside Support QuickBerm is ideal for storing drums or other containers. The Outside Support QuickBerm is designed to offer reliable spill control in keeping with SPCC requirements. The innovative CriticalCorner™ design of this berm uses wraparound diagonal welds that provide maximum strength and liquid retention.

Industrial Inside Support QuickBerm. The Industrial Inside-Support QuickBerm is designed to be light enough to carry but durable enough for a vehicle to drive over. This berm incorporates heavy-duty aluminum wall supports that are designed to retain leaks and spills, and the one-piece construction will help minimize rips and tears. The industrial Inside Support QuickBerm offers the smallest folded storage size of any other containment berm and is ideal for versatile operations.

Find the Spill Containment Product that is Right for You

Spill containment solutions from Basic Concepts are designed to provide safe working conditions and regulatory compliance for a variety of industries. Our spill containment berms are designed to safely store drums and other containers in accordance with EPA and SPCC requirements. Take a look at our selection of spill containment berms and find the product that is right for your facility.