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Dewatering and filtration systems are designed to prevent contaminants found in water runoff and accumulations from having a deleterious impact on the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Clean Water Act requires facilities to implement countermeasures that filter out oil, hydrocarbons and other substances in order to protect navigable waterways.  

Sections 112.8(c)(3) and 112.12(c)(3) of the code of federal regulations also require that facilities be regularly inspected for the presence of substances that are considered harmful to the environment. In order to comply with regulatory requirements, countermeasures should be implemented in water storage or accumulation sites.

Basic Concepts is the industry leader in dewatering and filtration solutions for industrial, commercial and military facilities. We offer a wide selection of dewatering equipment that will protect personnel and assets from contaminants as well as enable facilities to comply with regulatory requirements. To help you find the equipment that is right for you, here is an overview of some of the dewatering and filtration products from Basic Concepts.

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Dewater Solutions from Basic Concepts

Hydrocarbon testing kits are test strips that are designed to detect the presence of oil in water accumulations. When these strips are placed into water suspected of containing contaminants, the light-blue strips will turn dark blue if hydrocarbons are present.

The detection strips are ideal for elevator shafts, underground utility vaults, maintenance holes or any context where water needs to be tested for pollutants. Because they are designed to help facilities identify harmful materials, hydrocarbon detection strips are a useful tool that can help facilities comply with an SPCC prevention plan.

VIPOR system from Basic Concepts is an automatic dewatering system that filters and evacuates water from secondary containment units, vaults and sumps. The VIPOR system uses filters that are designed to trap sediment and hydrocarbons while allowing water to pass through. Unlike other dewatering systems, the VIPOR system can also polish and capture oil sheen from water runoff.

Oil Solidifying Polymers is a flagship product from Basic Concepts which is an integral component for many of our other oil-filtration systems. Oil Solidifiers from Basic Concepts are the only polymers that are designed to work on a full spectrum of hydrocarbons. In addition to reliable oil filtration, polymers from BCI are completely recyclable.

Agent X is a smart geotextile fabric that traps oil and hydrocarbons but allows water to filter through unimpeded. Oil-solidifying polymers embedded into the layers of the Agent X fabric enable it to trap contaminants. The Agent X fabric is ideal for land and water oil-filtration applications and can be used as a total secondary containment system component.

EVAC dewatering and filtration systems absorb hydrocarbons, remove large and fine sediment and eliminate the need for large vacuum trucks or other water-processing equipment. The EVAC system is ideal for removing suspended solids and light sheen from wastewater in underground vaults, maintenance holes, elevator shafts, bilges and more.   

The EVAC filtration systems are a cost-effective alternative to processing and disposing of oil-contaminated water. Unlike larger and more expensive filtration equipment, the EVAC system can be kept on-site and be deployed immediately in response to a dewatering situation. 

Find the Secondary Containment Solutions that are Right for You

For over 30 years, Basic Concepts has provided industries all over the world with the secondary containment solutions they need to protect personnel and achieve regulatory compliance. Whether you need an automatic dewatering system for an underground vault or a geotextile that will filter out oil and hydrocarbons, we have a wide range of containment products designed for a variety of applications. Take a look at our secondary containment options and find the product that is right for you.