Decon Spill Berms

Decontamination berms are designed for emergency deployment. The Decon QuickBerm® features patented interior walls to create washdown zones that safely capture and contain contaminated solutions.

During the process of hazardous material releases, containment berms, booms and leak diverters can be critical to an operation cleanup. Environments are fragile and spill containment equipment from Basic Concepts provides necessary measures to contain and cleanup grounds from hazardous spills.

Decontamination Solutions

Decontamination berms are commonly used for hazmat response cleanup operations due to their lightweight and portable attributes. These berms are easily transported to locations and can be customized to fit specific cleanup operations. Decontamination berms feature a watertight, lightweight PVC coated fabric for protection against harsh chemicals. Decon and compartment berms are also used when hazmat professionals leave the scene and need to be washed down to prevent any further contamination. Optional grates are available to keep personnel above liquid.

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