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Niagara Digester Tank

May 2021 | Niagara, New York

Customer Problem

An inspection was done on a 10-year-old RTP bolted tank.  During the inspection the client noticed corrosion and severe concrete pitting on the floor.  While the corrosion was centered primarily along the edge of the panels, there were many places on the tank experiencing coating and metal loss.  Our client was looking for a solution that could prolong the life of the tank and repair damage already done in the inside of the tank. 

Our Solution

After considering all possible options, the BCI CR-3000 industrial spray coating system was chosen. We decided to go with the CR-3000 because of its superior chemical resistance to all the products this tank could potentially encounter in the coming years. Also, its flexibility and high strength properties would provide a long-term seal to the bolted tank. Prior to application, the entire tank was sandblasted to remove current corrosion and slow down further breakdown of the steel. The BCI CR-3000 was used to coat the entire tank — walls, floor, and roof — to provide a full liner-coating.

Potential Cost & Time Savings

After a 2-week prep and application,  the tank was able to be put back into service within 72-hours of the liner application. The client expects to  have ten more years out of this tank and the repairs came in significantly cheaper than a new tank purchase would have been.